feel.ai Video Emotion, Gender and Age-Group Recognition API Demo
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Welcome to the feel.ai video emotion, gender and age-group recognition demo

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  1. You need to have a client key. Please Contact us for a key. Enter the key in "Feel-Client-Key" field below.
  2. Drag and drop a video from your desktop into the drop zone below (dashed box). Note video rotation info is stored in the video file and most browsers will detect the rotation and display the video correctly. The feel.ai API by default also automatically rotate the video based on the orientation/rotation information in the video header. Videos taken by mobile devices, however, may sometimes have incorrect rotation information. If your browser does not detect and adjust the video orientation, you can use the "Set Video Rotation" dropdown below to define the orientation angle (clockwise) you wish. You may also request the API to use that rotation as well, instead of that it detects in the video header, by checking the OverRide API checkbox which will override the API's automatic correction using the angle selected with "Set Video Rotation"".
  3. Once the video is dropped in the drop box, click on "Queue a video job" button to post a video recognition request to the feel.ai API. This is a batch request and the job is queued. Save the Job ID returned by the API for future queries.
  4. After a recognition job is queued, the Job ID is automatically stored in the Job ID field. You can check the status or get the results of a job request using the Job ID and by clicking on "Get Job Results" button. Once the job is completed, you can view the results using the commands in the "Frames/Results View" panel. If the job was not completed yet, you will get the status of the job (either QUEUED or STARTED).
  5. Using the "Frames/Results View" panel you can display recognition results on a frame/by frame basis, jump to a specific frame, and by displaying the "Emotion Graph" which shows the agregate emotions of faces in each frame.
Note the displayed recognition results also shows the highest scoring classes (emotion, gender and age-group) with their probability scores (between 0 and 1).
The JSON response to the API request is also displayed in the "JSON Response" area below the Messages area.
Feel-Client-Key: [Key is confidential info]   Contact us for a key
Set Video Rotation:   Override API
Note video rotation is automatic on most browsers. See notes above for more info.
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